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Welcome to 501c3 Tuneup!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a consulting practice headquartered in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, that assists nonprofit organizations with improving their core administrative and governance systems, documenting policies and procedures, negotiating relationships with other organizations, building useful budget models, and conducting research to inform their operations. We have many years of experience working in the nonprofit sector prior to opening 501c3 Tuneup, Inc., and that experience shapes our approach to serving our clients.

In this difficult era of reduced support from governments, foundations, endowments, charitable giving and other sources of operating income, nonprofit organizations are struggling to achieve their missions. 501c3 Tuneup helps nonprofits use powerful administrative systems that previously were out of the reach of all but the largest, best resourced organizations. We train staff to use those systems effectively with an emphasis on promoting self-sufficiency. We show our clients how to reduce their administrative costs, balance budgets, and expand their capacity.

Why Hire A Consultant?

We understand that nonprofit organizations have limited resources and tight budgets. Hiring a consultant may be the best use of resources in certain instances. Here are examples of when a consultant's expertise may be recommended:
  • A significant issue with an administrative system remains unresolved for more than six months
  • Important tasks requiring specialized knowledge and skills must be performed infrequently, and
    staff cannot gain sufficient experience to achieve excellent results on their own
  • The pace of technological change is too rapid for the organization to adapt given the daily
    administrative requirements that must be accomplished
  • Budgetary and/or programmatic outcomes are noticeably different than the projections made
    for them at the beginning of a fiscal year or program launch
  • Communications efforts are not producing necessary improvements in the recognition of the
    organization among key constituencies
  • Crucial decisions are being made in the absence of the research and analysis necessary to
    distinguish among options and make informed choices
  • The board of directors or other leadership groups are not fully engaged in the organization's
    mission and contributing actively to its achievement.
If your organization is experiencing any of these situations, then it may be time to bring in a consultant to help find solutions that will work in your context. Yes, consultants cost, but they offer the ability to resolve issues quickly using expertise that focuses on the specific needs of the client. And once the engagement is completed, the consultant is not an ongoing expense.

Why Hire 501c3 Tuneup?

501c3 Tuneup is an agile, small business with very low overhead designed specifically to serve the needs of nonprofit organizations. 501c3 Tuneup respects the financial constraints of our clients and can work within any budget to achieve excellent results. We are reknowned for our concern for the success of our clients and for our devotion to producing results for our clients. We listen to our clients and produce customized solutions that take into account affordability and sustainability within the organizational contexts of our clients. We offer the newest technologies relevant to the matters at hand but we have no financial relationships with vendors that might limit our freedom to recommend options or otherwise compromise our focus on solving our clients' problems. Above all, we solve the problems our clients bring to us so that our clients can become more productive and make greater contributions to their communities. We strive to be trusted partners with our clients, and it shows in the referrences and referrals we receive from our clients. That is one reason we list all of our clients on this website — so you can ask for references from any of them at any time.

To Learn More

The pages on this website offer many more details about all aspects of our business. In the interest of your time, the best starting place may be our pages that describe our services and our clients. Please use our navigation menu at the top (and bottom) of each page on this site to learn more.

And thank you again for visiting the website of 501c3 Tuneup, Inc.!
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